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Yogen Fruz is a famous Canadian chain specializing in selling frozen yogurt and smoothies. The chain is also known for emphasizing the sale of healthy food items such as fruit containers. The first location became operational in Ontario in 1986. Thanks to the franchising system, the business grew rapidly. There are hundreds of Yogen Fruz locations across Canada today. The total number of Yogen Fruz locations worldwide exceeds 1,300. Yogen Fruz currently operates in 40 countries. The brand has been voted one of the top franchises in recent years, in part because of its emphasis on providing equal employment opportunities for job seekers from diverse backgrounds.

Yogen Fruz Jobs and Career

Entry-level positions at Yogen Fruz have different names, such as food delivery person, team member, counter attendant, team member, cashier, customer service partner, and customer service representative. Indeed, there are entry-level positions at Yogen Fruz locations as well as shift manager and general manager positions.

How can I apply for a job at Yogen Fruz?

You can apply for a job with Yogen Fruz online on the company’s official career website. However, if you really want the job, we recommend that you physically go to a Yogen Fruz location, find a manager, and politely tell them you want to apply for the job. If the position needs new employees, the manager will assist you.

If you want to apply to Yogen Fruz online, follow the steps below:

  1. go to Yogen Fruz’s career site.
  2. On the left side of the page you will see two links, “head office deals” and “in-store deals”. Click either one.
  3. If any store has any job postings, you will see them as a listing on a new page. If there are no positions listed, you will see an online job application form on the page.
  4. You must fill in Yogen Früz’s online job application form by entering your name, surname, phone number, e-mail address, city and ZIP/zip code. Then choose a store location from the menu. Upload your resume in doc, docx, pdf or zip format. Finally, click the blue “submit” button to submit your application to Yogen Fruz.

After submitting your job application, someone from the company will contact you in the near future.

Yogen Fruz Job Application Form PDF

You can access Yogen Fruz’s printable job application form from the link below. You can print it and fill it with your pen. Later, when you go to apply for a job in person, you can bring it to the Yogen Fruz location. Note that this application form can only be used at Yogen Fruz locations in the United States.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

Job Positions and Salaries

Crew Member: At the Yogen Fruz location, you will stand at the box office and do all the basic work. Your duties will be to take customer orders, prepare orders, serve orders and collect payments from customers. You will also be responsible for the cleanliness and general order of the venue.

The company may not have active job postings. It may have recruited the necessary personnel.

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