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White Dot Jobs and Career

White Spot is a hamburger restaurant chain operating in Canada. There are 100 White Spot restaurants in Canada today. British Columbia and Alberta are the two main provinces where White Spot operates. Alongside the burgers, the Pirate Pack kids’ meal, triple-o sauce, and milkshakes are popular menu items at White Spot.

The positions open to all job seekers regardless of education or experience at Beyaz Nokta are as follows:

  • dishwasher,
  • prep cook,
  • cart,
  • reception/seat,
  • Server.

Contrary to these things, line cook The position may require 1 year of restaurant experience. Management positions are also available at White Dot. Service assistant manager, service manager, kitchen manager and assistant general manager are some of them.

White Point Job Descriptions


You are responsible for providing hospitable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and attentive service to enhance the guest experience by making recommendations and promoting menu items. You should also do the side jobs that keep a busy restaurant running smoothly.


You’ll wash and sanitize dishes and equipment, maintain the dishwasher throughout the shift, keep the work area tidy, and assist online or in the prep area as needed.

Prep Cook

You will be responsible for maintaining high standards of cleanliness and food safety in the food preparation area. You will be responsible for crop rotation, following recipes, and helping others in the kitchen as needed.

White Point Job Application Form PDF

White Dot does not have a printable job application form available online. You can apply online for a job at White Point on the company’s career website.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How do I apply for a job at White Point?

To submit an online application to White Point, follow these steps:

  1. go to Beyaz Nokta’s career site.
  2. Click the “VIEW OPENINGS” link in the Service, Cuisine, R&D Cuisine, Restaurant Management or Home Office career options.
  3. You will be presented with a list of job postings in the workplace option you have just selected.
  4. When you find an interesting job offer in the list near your home, click on the job.
  5. Read the job description on a new page.
  6. Click “APPLY NOW”.
  7. A similar web page will open on a different website. “Apply Now!” Click the button. Press the button again on the new page.
  8. You will need to create a new account on this new website. Once you have done this, you will be able to fill out the online job application form and send it to the company online.

White Point Backlogs

Number positions locations
one food and beverage server

Surrey, BC.

2 Dishwasher

Central Saanich, BC.

3 Receptionist / Seated

Surrey, BC.

4 Dishwasher

Delta, BC.

5 Dishwasher

Burnaby, BC.

6 Receptionist / Seated

Abbotsford, BC.

7 Server

Central Saanich, BC.

8 Dishwasher

Hot pepper, BC.

9 cashier

Mission, BC.

10 Receptionist / Seated

Central Saanich, BC.

11th Receptionist / Seated

Hot pepper, BC.

12 Dishwasher

Abbotsford, BC.

13 Dishwasher

North Vancouver, BC.

14 Server

Kamloops, BC.

15 Server

Port Coquitlam, BC.

16 Server

Surrey, BC.

17 Receptionist / Seated

Burnaby, BC.

18 Receptionist / Seated

North Vancouver, BC.

19 Server

Tsawwassen, BC.

20 Receptionist / Seated

Port Coquitlam, BC.

21 Server

White Rock, BC

22 Line Cook (Entry Level)

Central Saanich, BC.

23 Dishwasher

Terrace, BC.

24 Dishwasher

North Vancouver, BC.

25 Server

North Vancouver, BC.

The company may not have active job postings. It may have recruited the necessary personnel.

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