We are waiting for proposals for next meeting within framework of “3 + 3” platform

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As there are some problems in other regions, we are waiting for additional proposals from diplomatic channels for the next meeting in the format of “3 + 3”, Vice President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Head of the Foreign Policy Department of the Presidency Administration Hikmat Hajiyev said on the sidelines of the Diplomatic Forum in Antalya, Flow News referring to the “Anadolu” agency.

He noted that it was decided to hold the next meeting in the “3+3” format in Turkey, but that a statement should be made through diplomatic channels.

The Vice President emphasized that Azerbaijan supports the “3+3” cooperation platform and that the first meeting was held within the framework of the platform.

“Here, we mainly act on the principle of regional responsibility. As the countries of the region, considering the great cooperation potential, we must first of all solve the problems of the region ourselves. We can give an example of the transportation that has been reached before. The agreement signed between Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran is both for our region and for our region. It also creates great opportunities for other regions, including Central Asia. However, due to some problems in other regions at the moment, we are waiting for additional proposals from diplomatic channels on how our next step will be. Hikmat Hajiyev may go to the meeting in the format of “3+3″. The next meeting will be in Turkey. It was decided to make it in the 3+3 format, but this issue needs to be clarified through diplomatic channels.”

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