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Wawa convenience stores and gas stations, one of America’s largest private companies, serve customers on the East Coast. Entry-level employment remains high in the thriving company, which retains more than 20,000 workers and generates nearly $9 billion in revenue.

Facts About Working at Wawa

Minimum Age to Work in Wawa: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work in Wawa?)

Wawa Working Hours: Hours vary by location

Positions Available at Wawa: Fuel Service Officer, Store Maintenance Officer, Customer Services Officer, Customer Services Manager, Fresh Food Manager, Assistant Manager, General Manager

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

Wawa Employment Opportunities

Wawa opens new locations every year. Since 1964, the growth of the convenience chain has provided job opportunities for job hunters in the Eastern United States. Whether applicants are seeking a career or entry-level job, the gas station chain provides favorable conditions and lucrative employment benefits, as approximately 40 percent of the company’s stock is owned by employees. While opportunities exist within the company’s corporate structure, most jobs are available at many grocery and gas station locations.

At more than 600 locations in the United States, entry-level customer service jobs account for the vast majority of current employment. Customer service workers can expect demanding work schedules that vary from week to week and include both weekends and holidays. Starting at the bottom of the seniority ladder, new workers receive salary increases after 90 days of consecutive employment. In some locations, Wawa operates full-service gas stations that offer classic approaches to refueling. In addition to customer service responsibilities, fuel workers also take on additional duties that require physical aptitude.

Wawa Jobs and Wages

Wawa demands that employees have reliable transportation. No other formal requirements, including high school diplomas, are required for entry-level job seekers. However, those seeking a diploma or equivalent job tend to attract the attention of recruiters. The company also has a minimum age of 16 for the following employment opportunities that provide basic training for each new hire:

Customer Service Specialist

  • Major duties include checking out customers, preparing meals, and general cleaning.
  • Prospective partners most likely to receive offers have exceptional interpersonal skills.
  • Wawa asks cashiers to provide exceptional customer service and maintain the ability to lift up to 50 pounds.
  • While most workers start working second and third shifts, workers with seniority usually work the first shift, although the third shift has a higher pay rate.
  • The starting hourly wage for customer service workers is around $8.25 and can reach $11.50 with promotions.

Fuel Service Specialist

  • Fuel attendants serve customers in classic full-service gas station settings.
  • Obligations for attendants include pumping gas for customers, processing payments and cleaning the fuel station.
  • Fuel service workers must meet additional physical standards that include the ability to lift 50 pounds, bend and walk continuously, and frequently lift five-pound objects.
  • Pay stands comparable to customer service associate positions; however, tips for fuel partners occur more often.

Management Opportunities

  • The titles of shift leader, assistant manager, and general manager form the administrative positions offered.
  • Shift leaders maintain the integrity of the store in the absence of senior management.
  • Assistant managers continue to be responsible for tasks that general managers cannot complete in addition to the duties of customer service partners.
  • Head store managers must maintain vendor relationships, develop sales plans, and oversee merchandising.
  • General managers earn between $12.50 and $16.25 per hour and can take advantage of bonuses to meet sales goals.

Tips for Applying

Applications are available online and remain active for 90 days after submission. Candidates must fill out a basic profile that allows users to quickly return and apply once the active period ends. The application takes about 30 to 40 minutes and requires answers to questions about education, personality and desire for employment. If the preferred store has no opening, the application becomes available on neighboring sites. The company encourages applicants to stop at selected locations and talk to hiring managers for the best hiring chances.

Application status

General managers select potential employees from an online application pool. If selected, candidates must dress appropriately and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. For customer service positions, interviewees must demonstrate insightful social interaction skills. Candidates who practice common interview questions can come forward as hiring managers ask questions to determine potential suitability for the team. The entire hiring process can take up to several weeks, leaving plenty of time to communicate with managers to express both gratitude and continued interest in the position.

Benefits of Working at Wawa

Working more than 34.5 hours per week, Wawa employees enjoy a variety of job benefits, including:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Medical coverage
  • teeth and vision
  • Life insurance

Other employee benefits include paid leave, educational assistance and disability coverage. Workers also receive wellness screenings and coaching benefits at no additional cost, and can take advantage of discounted products while on duty.

More about Wawa

The Wawa Foundation, a nonprofit founded in 2014, is committed to distributing approximately $50 million by 2019. Founded by the gas station chain, the nonprofit facilitates the company’s mission by focusing on health, hunger, and the people who serve. . The Wawa Foundation provides monetary contributions to various hospitals, food banks, and military charities. Partnering with Special Olympics in 2015, the foundation plans services for various events. Specifically, the nonprofit supports pole dives in the Special Olympics, raising awareness and creating a sense of community by diving into icy waters.

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