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TGI Fridays is an American casual dining restaurant chain. The name of the company means “Thank God It’s Friday”. The chain’s first location opened in New York City in 1965. Since then, TGI Fridays has grown into a giant restaurant chain operating in 60 countries around the world, with 870 locations. The most striking feature of TGI Fridays’ menu is that it focuses on alcoholic beverages.

TGI Fridays Jobs and Careers

In TGI Fridays restaurants, there are servers, dishwashers, cooks, etc. restaurant jobs are available.

How do I apply for a job at TGI Fridays?

  1. go to the official TGI Fridays career website.
  2. Scroll down to the Join Team section. Click the “APPLY NOW” button under the Team Members, Admins, or Support Center headings. (The button to be selected for hourly job seekers is under the Team Members heading)
  3. A new tab will open. On the new page, you can search for jobs by keywords, title, job family, location, city, state, and zip code. Click “Submit” to see job offers.
  4. Click on a job offer’s job title when you find an interesting job in the job offers list.
  5. Read the job description, specific responsibilities and requirements on the new page.
  6. Click “Apply Online” when you get to the end of the text.
  7. After that you have to create a new profile on the TGI Fridays website. After logging into your newly created profile, you will be able to fill in the online job application form and send it to TGI Fridays.

TGI Fridays Job Application Form PDF

TGI Fridays offers a printable job application form for those wishing to apply directly by visiting a restaurant in person. Click on the link below to see the application form. Print and fill this out and send the hard copy to your local TGI Fridays restaurant for business. Good luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Available.

TGI Fridays Recruitment

Number positions locations
one Dishwasher

Aurora, IL

2nd Dishwasher

Joliet, IL

3 Dishwasher

Kissimmee, FL

4 Dishwasher

Chicago, IL

5 Dishwasher

Darien, IL

6 Dishwasher

Bourbonnais, IL

7 Dishwasher


8 Dishwasher

Schaumburg, IL

9 Dishwasher

Gurnee, IL

10 Dishwasher

Rosemont, IL

11th Server

Reynoldsburg, Ohio

12 Dishwasher

Oak Grass, IL

13 Dishwasher

Oswego, IL

14 Chef


15 Server

Orlando Park, IL

16 Dishwasher

Saginaw, MI

17 Dishwasher

Frederick, Doctor

18 Dishwasher

Terre Haute, IN

19 Dishwasher

New Jersey

20 Dishwasher

Canton, MI

21 Dishwasher

Houston, TX

22 Dishwasher

Schererville, IN

23 Dishwasher

New York, NY

24 Chef

Aurora, IL

25 Server

Grandville, MI

Works at TGI Fridays

Wouldn’t you like to gain new experiences by working for an international company with stores all over the world? TGI Fridays’ motto is “Make every day a Friday” and it aims to provide the best dining experience to customers around the world. The company knows its employees have a great place to live this dream. If you want to be happy at work where every day feels like a Friday, contact TGI Fridays now.

TGI Friday Interview

After applying for a job with TGI Fridays, an interview with one of the restaurant management will be scheduled. They will ask you why you want to work at TGI Fridays, what you expect from your job, and whether you can work during the holidays. You will also be asked questions about your availability, interpersonal skills, memory skills and multitasking skills in a fast-paced restaurant setting. Many times there are multiple interviews and the interviews focus on your communication skills. After the interviews, you will be offered a job at the restaurant, either on-site or within a few days, depending on the urgency of the team member need.

The company may not have active job postings. It may have recruited the necessary personnel.

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