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The American oil company Texaco employs people in retail, sales and management capacities. Entry-level positions for new members of the workforce and career options for seasoned professionals are available at gas stations in the United States.

The Facts About Working in Texaco

Minimum Age to Work in Texaco: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work in Texaco?)

Texaco Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location; Usually open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Positions Available at Texaco: Team Member, Maintenance Officer, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

Texaco Job Opportunities

Founded in 1901, the gasoline and retail business creates a plethora of customer service jobs. The company remains committed to boss satisfaction and expects workers to maintain high-quality working standards. Hard-working staff prove essential to store operations. Locations are primarily found in Texas, Utah, Alabama, California, and Louisiana. Encompassing part of a wider gas station rental network, Texaco operates as a subsidiary of the Chevron company.

Texaco jobs are mostly found in gas station and grocery store settings, although corporate job opportunities often remain at the gas company’s headquarters and offices. Job seekers face very limited barriers to positioning, as the mandatory criteria for entry-level jobs are minimal. Candidates with strong work ethic, team mindset, and previous food service or retail experience should have no problem finding a lucrative job with the company. Executive candidates can obtain full-time study with high school diplomas or equivalent and supervisory backgrounds.

Texaco Jobs and Pay Scales

Texaco recruits job seekers aged 18 and over. Energetic and driven applicants with a high school diploma or equivalent have a strong chance of finding employment in business and gas station settings. The company is required to employ skilled workers for the following positions:

Customer service representative

  • Largely accessible to entry-level candidates, the customer service representative position carries minimal hiring requirements.
  • However, the company normally prefers candidates with at least six months of retail experience.
  • Common tasks include preparing food, stocking up, and controlling monetary transactions.
  • Employees also regularly check ID cards to prevent the sale of alcohol, tobacco or lottery tickets to underage customers.
  • Customer service representatives, also called cashiers, clerks, or associates, typically earn between the minimum wage and $9.00 per hour.

assistant director

  • Under the direction of corporate executives, assistant managers remain in immediate charge as leaders at Texaco gas stations.
  • Typical days for assistant managers usually consist of periods of working at cash registers, assisting customers, answering employee questions, and filling out shift journals and other paperwork.
  • Supervisory employees also support company policies, train new staff members, and manage all operations in stores.
  • Candidates must have at least one year of managerial experience to be eligible for the position as a contender.
  • Open and on-call eligibility also generally proves essential for candidates to obtain management jobs.
  • Salary options are around $40,000 per year.

Tips for Applying

When applying for gas station jobs, job prospects should seek to speak and form a professional relationship with the personnel manager at their Texaco location. Hiring managers often ask candidates about career and personal references and previous jobs to gain insight into candidate qualifications. Employers may also expect job seekers to show evidence of consistent access to work. Maintain a positive attitude during interviews and highlight previous industry experience where possible.

Application status

Job seekers normally apply to gas stations in person after receiving a document from the same place. Online application options may also be available for some locations. Demonstrate friendly personality and wear work-casual attire when applying and meeting with recruiters. Generally, the application process consists of one to two interviews when management chooses to pursue candidates for employment. Recruitment decisions are based, in part, on the results of pre-employment histories and drug screenings, where applicants may need to wait for results before hiring.

Benefits of Working at Texaco

Texaco employees enjoy a variety of job benefits in addition to customer service training and fuel industry experience. Full-time employees may be eligible for:

  • Health and dental care coverage
  • Paid leave for sick days
  • Holidays and holidays and
  • Career advancement opportunities

The company also features adaptive scheduling, including flexible time options for all employees. 401(k) retirement plans are proving accessible to skilled workers, too.

More Details About Texaco

Community involvement remains important to the energy company. Fuel Your School program offers one dollar for local classroom supplies and school supplies for every eight gallons of gas purchased at participating locations. The business often partners with charities to achieve charitable goals. Texaco also sponsors country music artists as well as collegiate and professional sports teams.

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