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TA TravelCenters of America, a chain of truck stops founded in the early 1970s, has more than 250 locations in the United States. Popular amenities and excellent customer service ensure consistent patronage year after year and result in a constant need for new employees.

Facts About Working at TA TravelCenters Of America

Minimum Age to Work at TA TravelCenters Of America: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at TravelCenters Of America?)

TA TravelCenters Of America Working Hours: Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Positions Available at TA TravelCenters Of America: Team Member, Store Manager, Cashier, Presenter, Grill Cook, Maintenance Technician, Shift Supervisor, Assistant Manager, General Manager, Diesel Truck/Equipment Technician, Lubrication Technician, Store Project Leader, Human Resources Manager

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USA TA Travel Centers Job Opportunities

Each TravelCenters of America location offers gas station-specific services and industry-leading amenities. Customers enjoy traditional services such as gas sales, food and beverage sales and toilet facilities, as well as pay showers, in-house casinos, full-service restaurants, automotive repair centers and accommodation. The chain should hire both inexperienced and experienced employees to fill available positions. Most rental gas station jobs require no prior experience; however, positions in management and auto repair often carry minimal qualifications related to education and work history. The chain’s diverse offerings create thousands of job opportunities in its extensive store network.

TA TravelCenters of America places great emphasis on customer service and uses the recruitment process to screen individuals who can communicate positively with customers. Candidates with a variety of skill sets often make ideal candidates as the chain seeks workers who can transition between positions. Upward mobility offers career options in retail and restaurant management. Workers can also find automotive repair jobs with competitive pay and full-time working hours in most locations. Job seekers, whatever their location, should enjoy regular interaction with others and perform well in potentially noisy and fast-paced environments. Late hours, weekends, and holidays regularly make up the average employee schedule. Open presence often increases the candidacy of the nominee.

TA TravelCenters of America Positions and Salary Information

The leading truck stop chain, which offers both part-time and full-time opportunities for employment, requires applicants to meet the minimum employment age of 18 for most positions. Selected entry-level job titles in restaurant operations may only require job seekers to be 16 years old. Candidates who can meet the company’s minimum age requirements may qualify for the commonly available positions listed below:

Fast Food Team Member

  • The onsite restaurant services TA stations offer provide entry-level work in fast food.
  • The fast food team member position requires many standard job duties of traditional fast food restaurant employment opportunities, including customer service, meal preparation, cleaning, and inventory.
  • Most franchises use computerized cash register systems, which require applicants to have basic mathematical skills for employment evaluation.
  • Truck stop chain also prefers individuals with excellent hygiene and friendly demeanor.
  • Moderate manual labor associated with daily responsibilities requires workers to lift up to 50 pounds. It represents all shift times that are comfortable and often coincide with part-time hours.
  • Fast food crew members earn minimum wage in most cases.

store cashier

  • Store cashiers, also known as station attendants, work at pre-sale counters and provide customer service at TravelCenters of America locations.
  • Applicants must maintain presentable appearances with the ability to lift up to 50 lbs. availability at a time and open shifts.
  • Store cashier jobs involve the regular processing of money.
  • Recruiters often look for reliable people who can take quick and accurate transactions on an ongoing basis.
  • Predominantly a part-time opportunity, the job title offers entry-level starting pay around minimum wage.

Truck Service Advisor

  • Truck service advisors, called TSAs by the truck stop chain, work in stationary automotive repair shops and assist customers with sales.
  • In addition to completing purchases at toll booths, truck service consultants guide customers through repairs and provide detailed information on available services.
  • Key tasks also include some data entry and manual labor. People with job prospects should display knowledgeable, friendly and well-groomed attitudes.
  • Employees in the position regularly report annual earnings of $25,000 to $30,000.
  • Applicants must be capable of working full-time, flexible schedules.

Tips for Applying

When completing the application forms, job seekers should take approximately 45 minutes to provide the necessary information. Employment documents regularly ask for communication, employment and job skills information. Complete the forms thoroughly. Good physical health and excellent hygiene regularly influence overall hiring decisions. Applicants must also have solid communication skills and personal interests while working for the nationwide truck stop chain. Experiences that confirm positive traits may lead to greater consideration.

Application status

The recruitment process provides both an online and paper way to submit applications. Workers can double-check submitted forms by calling or emailing the hiring managers of desired locations. Face-to-face visits also serve as acceptable means of checking application status. On average, TA TravelCenters of America responds to potential employees within a week. Interviewing the company again after applying can speed up the hiring process and lead to faster turnaround.

Benefits of Working at TA TravelCenters of America

TA TravelCenters of America prides itself on caring for others and offers its employees extensive business benefits. When hired, entry-level workers and managers receive direct deposit payment, discounts on food and merchandise, and flexibility in timing. Managers also get:

  • 401(k) retirement plans
  • Paid vacation
  • educational aid
  • health plans and
  • Personalized financial planning assistance.

More about TA TravelCenters of America

As a way to repay regular customers, TA offers a three-tier rewards program. Users can apply for UltraONE Professional Driver, UltraONE Expediter, or UltraONE Coach status. Once awarded, customers who fall into different categories receive special benefits based on point systems. After earning enough points, each class of select customers enjoy discounted or free services and products. Benefits include free showers, discounted food and fuel, and savings on automotive repairs.

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