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Sunoco is on the Fortune 100 list as a leader in petroleum and petrochemical production. The oil company serves approximately 4,700 outlets in 26 states and has over 100 years of successful business experience.

Facts About Working at Sunoco

Minimum Age to Work at Sunoco: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Sunoco?)

Sunoco Working Hours: Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Positions Available at Sunoco: Cashier, Team Member, Assistant Manager, Station Manager

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

Sunoco Job Opportunities

Named as one of the most environmentally responsible oil companies, Sunoco lists environmental activities in the public interest. The fuel chain’s environmentally friendly practices attract both customers and employees, contributing to the company’s more than 10,000 employees. Entry-level job seekers can find ideal opportunities to start a career or simply gain valuable work experience. Many retail gas stations associated with Sunoco have many opportunities and require working with the general public in the service industry. Other job options range from supervisory and management roles at gas stations to careers at corporate headquarters.

Prospective candidates with abilities for social interaction remain strong potential employees in the refueling service industry. Employees assist customers in various aspects to ensure satisfaction with company services. Most positions require physical demands, including standing for long periods of time and lifting objects weighing up to 50 pounds. Because many retail-based jobs require the use of records and other electronic equipment commonly found at gas stations, Sunoco specifically requires employees to have math and computer skills.

Sunoco Positions and Payout

Company-wide high school diplomas or GEDs remain preferred; however, job seekers without such documents can still find employment. In addition to a valid ID, the minimum age required to work is 18. Sunoco entry-level jobs continue to offer both career-oriented individuals and temporary job seekers opportunities for competitive pay and employee benefits. The most common positions for recruitment are listed below:

Customer service representative

  • Client-focused positions require a comprehensive understanding and execution of interpersonal skills.
  • Jobs at Sunoco gas stations require adaptability, multitasking skills, integrity and the ability to work in a team.
  • Associates constantly clean and maintain facilities, stock inventory and assist with client purchases.
  • Also, successful onboarding identifies customer needs appropriately and interprets orders efficiently and accurately.
  • Daily activities include selling lottery tickets and cash handling, which requires both math skills and reliable personalities.
  • Employees can expect occasional tips and discount store items that complement the added benefits of the job.
  • Chances of promotion starting at $8.00 per hour can extend the hourly pay up to $10.00.

To manage

  • The shift leader position is the first step in a series of possible promotions at Sunoco retail stores.
  • Shift leaders, who are responsible for store operations rather than senior management, become prime candidates for assistant manager positions.
  • Assistant managers learn the day-to-day procedures and ensure the profitability of each store and support day-to-day management activities while maintaining the tasks carried out by their customer service partners.
  • Tasked with hiring responsibilities, handling customer complaints, recording the flow of money, and ordering inventory, store managers rank high in gas station job opportunities.
  • Executive salary packages range from about $35,000 to about $50,000 per year with sales success-based bonus opportunities.

Tips for Applying

Individual retailers provide in-store job applications, while a few places offer online applications. From the few applications found online, job hopefuls may need to prepare a resume. Many applicants report their success with face-to-face applications, as a face-to-face visit remains ideal for meeting staff who offer advantages over online applications. When recording availability, keep in mind that people with flexible schedules get preference from hiring managers.

Application status

Usually, employers schedule interviews within one to two weeks of application submission. For improved rates, politely contact recruiters within the two-week time frame to show interest and willingness to work. Also, maintain awareness of rush hours, which shows awareness of store operations. Remember to dress appropriately for the interview and be prepared with common practice questions such as strengths and weaknesses. Many retailers contact candidates a few days after the interview to confirm the hiring. However, the process may be spread over a longer period of time. Applicants can then benefit from follow-up phone calls, emails, or face-to-face meetings with managers.

Sunoco Employee Benefits

Sunoco offers most employees competitive pay and flexible scheduling, as well as job benefits. Work allowances are available for eligible full-time employees, including:

  • Paid leave and vacation
  • health and life insurance and
  • 401(k) retirement plans

Vacation pay and sick leave opportunities may also be available for skilled workers. The company also offers tuition assistance and discounted products.

Other Details About Sunoco

Unlike many similar manufacturing companies, Sunoco manufactures a wide range of racing fuels. The diversified company acts as NASCAR’s official fuel supplier and maintains its status as the largest racing gasoline producer and refiner in the world. In addition to fueling INDYCAR, the contribution to more than 50 additional race series proves the usefulness of 40 years of innovative racing gas. The energy company continues to sponsor the races and announced a 10-year partnership with the NHRA drag racing association, which from 2015 has effectively marked the Sunoco brand as the official fuel.

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