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RaceTrac Petroleum manages refueling stations and retail stores in South America. Motivated job seekers find ample employment options in management careers as well as entry level.

The Facts About Working at RaceTrac

Minimum Age to Work at RaceTrac: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at RaceTrac?)

RaceTrac Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Positions Available on RaceTrac: Store Manager, Assistant Store Manager, Store Manager, Store Support Manager

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

RaceTrac Job Opportunities

Candidates looking for fast-paced work environments and consistent interactions with guests often excel in RaceTrac jobs. Gas stations bring in large numbers of customers day and night, with a stable business year-round as workers serve customers at the pump, checkout, and food counter. The company pursues team players who can work well in retail environments. More than 370 stores operate in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia and Florida.

Numerous job opportunities are available through the oil company. Customers enjoy quality fuel and more than 4,000 foods and beverages. Every station needs a quality staff of customer-focused employees to serve guests. Part-time and full-time listings prove the employment prospects are suitable to meet staffing demands. More than 6,000 employees hold RaceTrac, from common customer service positions to maintenance and pump attendant roles, as well as corporate positions through corporate offices.

RaceTrac Positions and Salary Information

With attractive work environments, affordable base pay, and experience for future careers, RaceTrac stations prove desirable job options for many job seekers. Night shifts and other irregular working times may be necessary for employees, as stores remain open 24 hours a day. Because locations remain operational 365 days a year, jobs become more plentiful due to the need for holiday and weekend staff. Positions are available in the following capacities:

Store Manager

  • Store employees fulfill the combined customer service roles of cashiers, stock clerks, and food service workers.
  • Handling cash, replenishing shelf and cooler items, and preparing hot food items include the usual day-to-day tasks for partners.
  • Workers also maintain cleanliness by sweeping and mopping floors, cleaning toilets and clearing parking spaces.
  • Users regularly ask questions and requests from partners.
  • Employees must meet customer needs in a friendly and efficient manner.
  • The position remains accessible to the majority of entry-level applicants.
  • Hourly pay is typically around $9.00 with increases in experience.

To manage

  • Shift managers drive sales, create labor schedules and oversee store inventory.
  • Training new employees and developing existing staff are also important tasks for management positions.
  • Maintenance, registration and stock responsibilities may also be necessary to ensure continued station productivity.
  • Reporting to the store manager, employees lead work teams to provide customers with the best possible service.
  • Previous work experience, particularly in auditing jobs, is often required to obtain management positions.
  • Pay for shift managers ranges from $11.00 to $15.00, while salary options for store managers average $49,000 per year.

Tips for Applying

If applicable, applicants should include their resume highlighting gas station experience. The ability to work flexible shifts greatly increases the likelihood of hiring, and job seekers must remain prepared for the occasional shift once they are hired. Successful candidates also need to be able to adapt to busy and high-traffic job conditions. Because friendship remains a part of the job description on RaceTrac applications, job seekers should smile during interviews and listen carefully before responding with confident and appropriate answers.

Application status

RaceTrac largely requires candidates to apply online. Creating a free account with a username and password gives access to employment options at the company. The process can take up to an hour to complete and includes completing detailed application forms and answering background questions accurately. The timeline for employment-related callbacks typically occurs within a few days of sending hiring materials. Applicants can follow up with phone calls or store visits.

Benefits of Working at RaceTrac

Full-time employees at RaceTrac typically enjoy comprehensive health insurance coverage and vacation pay after working with the company. Managers also typically benefit from 401(k) retirement plans. Entry-level workers benefit from lucrative advancement opportunities and competitive salary options. Since the gas company does not require employee breaks, workers continue to earn without gaps in paid hours. All employees enjoy free drinks while on shift.

More details about RaceTrac

Founded in 1934, RaceTrac supports training and development for workers. Scholarship funds provided through the company amount to more than $1 million paid to students who also work for the fuel business. The competition remains open to eligible employees via an online application. 10-week internship programs are also available to add to the experiences and networks of young career seekers. The headquarters of the large southern company is in Atlanta, GA.

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