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On The Run has a large, international network of grocery stores. The chain creates lucrative careers for seasoned professionals as well as common jobs for entry-level candidates. Full and part time employment opportunities have proven to be available in over 40 countries.

Facts About Running While Running

Minimum Age for Illegal Work: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work on On The Run?)

On Working Hours: Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Positions Available on On The Run: Cashier, Salesperson, Maintenance Officer, Assistant Manager, Station Manager

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

Employee Employment Outlook

With a worldwide presence of approximately 1,800 locations spread over six major continents, the company needs to recruit continuously to keep up with its growth and turnover rates. Job seekers regularly find vacancies for a variety of positions. Candidates new to the workforce often find lucrative jobs at the company as cashiers and salespeople. Alternatively, management roles often attract more experienced candidates. Further career opportunities can also be found through On The Run corporate offices and merchandise distribution centres.

As a grocery chain, On The Run offers snack food and beverage products, basic groceries, and spirits. Employees should be familiar with the products available to assist customers with their purchases. In addition, the company expects employees to comply with state and federal laws regarding the sale of alcohol, tobacco, and lottery tickets. Employees must check the identity of people who purchase age-restricted products. For this reason, the company prefers to hire mature and reliable people who are experienced in retail sales.

Ongoing Jobs and Salary Options

While seasoned professionals often find employment with the company easily, On The Run regularly recruits entry-level candidates. Candidates aged 18 and over can apply to work with the grocery chain. While most positions do not explicitly require individuals to have high school diplomas or GED equivalents, candidates with degrees often have an advantage in the hiring process. Job titles that are permanently accessible in hopes of employment include:


  • Cashiers, who historically earned minimum wages, handle monetary transactions for customers and provide essential guest services.
  • Because cashiers remain responsible for optimizing the boss experience, employees must have friendly and proactive communication skills.
  • As a result, cashier jobs represent the most basic and basic entry-level opportunities with On The Run.
  • Typical job duties include exchanging cash and debit cards, providing change and receipts, greeting customers, screening customers trying to purchase alcohol or tobacco products, maintaining area cleanliness, and replenishing merchandise on store shelves.

assistant director

  • Assistant managers directly supervise staff and maintain customer service standards.
  • In addition to running gas station operations in the absence of store managers, daily responsibilities include overseeing store inventory, disciplining and training subordinates, counting cash drawers and enforcing store policies.
  • Candidates with previous management experience often do best when applying for assistant manager jobs.
  • With opportunities for growth and advancement, the position represents an effective way to jumpstart a career in the gas station industry.
  • Assistant managers typically earn between $10.00 and $14.00 an hour.

Tips for Applying

While positions are often suitable for inexperienced candidates, those with a background in the fuel industry do very well when seeking meaningful employment with the company. Candidates with open availability also benefit from improved prospects for recruitment, as stores largely remain open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Demonstrate strong communication skills by listening carefully and giving confident and clear answers when managers speak. Be approachable and polite when interviewing On The Run. The chain highly values ​​customer service and expects job seekers to embody relevant qualifications.

Application status

Candidates can apply online or in person for jobs in the grocery chain. After submitting their recruitment forms, individuals typically hear from management staff within two to three weeks. To show interest in available employment opportunities, applicants can follow the company by calling or visiting stores. To respect executives’ time and urgent business duties, avoid calling or visiting during business rush hours. Candidates who track applications generally have higher success rates in job placements with On The Run.

Benefits of Running While Running

Qualified On The Run employees receive top-rated job benefits packages. The company’s success allows the chain to offer health insurance packages that include:

  • Life
  • Vision and dental veneer
  • maternity leave
  • dependent care and
  • Paid vacation

Financial business benefits such as 401(k) retirement plans, retirement options, tuition assistance, and charitable gift matching have often proven to be applicable to full-time employees as well. Additionally, partners are often eligible for employee discounts on products at the company’s store locations.

More Details About Running

The On The Run franchise stores operate in the United States as part of the Alimentation Couche-Tard company. In the rest of the world, the original developer ExxonMobil owns the brand. The Texas-based oil and gas business remains one of the largest companies currently in operation. On The Run convenience stores typically operate in pairs with other brand gas stations.

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