NGOs urge European Parliament to repeal anti-Azerbaijan resolution

by Vugar Khalilov

According to Azertag, members of Azerbaijani non-governmental organizations sent a protest statement to the European Parliament demanding the repeal of the anti-Azerbaijani resolution.

The statement said, “As NGOs operating in Azerbaijan, we absolutely reject prejudiced views towards our country and demand that the European Parliament cancel its unfair decision regarding Azerbaijan.”

NGO representatives reminded that they are constantly complaining to international organizations and UNESCO about the cultural genocide of Armenia against Azerbaijani heritage. They emphasized that the historical cultural heritage of Azerbaijanis is in danger of being destroyed as a result of the aggressive policy of Armenia.

It was emphasized that double standards, racist attitudes and Islamophobia towards Azerbaijan have always been the main line of action of some international organizations.

Another hypocrisy against Azerbaijan is the European Parliament’s approval of a resolution based on Armenian lies, which contains false facts about the destruction of historical and cultural monuments belonging to Armenians in the liberated lands of Azerbaijan.

“We would like to draw the attention of the European Parliament and its member states that, unlike Azerbaijan, Armenia systematically followed a policy of destruction during the 30-year occupation period – the destruction of historical, cultural and religious monuments. “We have committed a literal cultural genocide against our people,” it said.

He adds that as a result of the mass exile of Azerbaijanis from the territory of present-day Armenia (their homeland for centuries) since the beginning of the 20th century, there are no Azerbaijanis left in Armenia. As a result of the last deportation in 1988 alone, more than 250,000 Azerbaijanis were exiled from their lands and became refugees.

By following a deliberate policy of ethnic and cultural genocide, Armenia erases the traces of the historical and ancient inhabitants of these lands, the Azerbaijanis, loots, destroys, appropriates and changes the cultural heritage of these people. At the same time, the old place names in these regions were replaced with Armenian names.

It was emphasized that Armenian vandals destroyed mosques, religious, historical and cultural monuments in the occupied territories of Azerbaijan for many years, and this showed their hatred for religious, cultural and historical values.

“Actually, we can say that Armenians use mosques as stables in our occupied lands. If Armenia had respected religious monuments and mosques, it would not have destroyed the monuments on the occupied territory of Azerbaijan.

It was emphasized that 403 historical and cultural monuments, including 67 mosques, 144 temples and 192 tombs, were identified in the former occupied territories of Azerbaijan. Out of 67 official Muslim mosques operating in and around Karabakh, 63 (13 in Shusha, five in Agdam, 16 in Fuzuli, 12 in Zangilan, five in Gabriel, eight in Kubadli, eight of them in Lachin) completely and four of them were partially mosques. destroyed. However, despite these facts, some international organizations and members of the European Parliament remain silent on these issues, and on the contrary take decisions against Azerbaijan.

“We have also provided a lot of accurate information in our previous calls to international organizations,” the representatives said.

Among other information, it was recorded that there are nearly 300 mosques such as Goy Mosque, Gala Mosque, Shah Abbas, Tapabashi, Zal Khan, Sartib Khan, Haji Novruzali Bay, Damirbulag, Haji Cafer Bay, Receb Pasha, Muhammed Sartib Khan, Haji. Inam mosques in Armenia were deliberately demolished, owned, or used for other purposes in the early 20th century.

Only the Damirbulag Mosque functioned as intended until 1988, but has now been completely demolished and replaced by a multi-storey building. More than 500 graves belonging to Azerbaijanis were destroyed in Aghadada, Ashaghi Shorja, Gullubulagh, Saral cemeteries in Armenia. The grave of the great Azerbaijani poet Âşık Alasgar, whose tombstone was erected in his home village in the old Göyça district, was also destroyed.

In general, Armenia has deliberately destroyed thousands of Azerbaijani cultural heritage monuments on its territory. This is a clear example of the intolerance of the Azerbaijani people in Armenia and an insult to all humanity. All this shows that Armenia does not recognize any universal value. The impunity for all these illegal and vandalism actions that have been going on for decades sends a wrong message to the world community.

It was emphasized that the world community should understand that such steps are a state policy in Armenia and take steps against it. For this, existing instruments of international law should be used.

Consequently, the deliberate destruction, alteration and appropriation of cultural monuments is a clear violation of international humanitarian law, namely the 1949 Geneva Conventions and the 1954 and 1970 UNESCO Conventions.

In addition, these activities are considered war crimes and the deliberate destruction of cultural heritage is a matter of peace and security, as outlined in UN Security Council Resolution 2347, which came into force in 2017.

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