Iran reveals COVID-19 data for March 13

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In the statement made by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education of Iran, it was stated that 3 thousand 330 people were infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) in the last 24 hours in Iran. Flow reports.

In addition, 118 people died from coronavirus in the last day.

At the same time, the condition of 2,832 people remains critical.

More than 48.2 million tests have been carried out for the diagnosis of coronavirus in Iran so far.

A total of 145 million doses of vaccine have been used in Iran so far. A total of 63.5 million doses were used in the first phase, 56.1 million doses in the second phase and 25 million doses in the third phase.

Iran continues to monitor the coronavirus situation in the country. According to the latest reports from Iranian authorities, more than 7.12 million people have been infected and 138,949 have already died.

Meanwhile, more than 6.77 million people were reported to have recovered from the disease. The country continues to implement strict measures to contain the further spread of the virus.

Reportedly, the disease was brought to Iran by a businessman from the Iranian city of Qom, who went on a business trip to China despite official warnings. The man later died of illness. The Islamic Republic announced its first infections and deaths from the coronavirus on February 19.

The outbreak in the Chinese city of Wuhan, an international transport hub, began in a fish market in late December 2019.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic on 11 March. Some sources claim that the coronavirus outbreak started as early as November 2019.

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