Happy to win three medals at World Championships in Baku

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We are extremely happy to win three gold medals at the World Championships in Baku, the gold medalists of the 28th World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championships, Belgian athletes Bram Roettger and Helena Heijens performed in mixed doubles, he told Trend.

“We admit it wasn’t easy, but we are happy that we were able to show professionalism and skill. Winning a gold medal in all three exercises means a lot to us, we worked hard to achieve such a great result. Thanks for that. Support from our coaches, family, friends and teammates. Thank you for it,” he said.

Athletes said they’ve been doing aerobatics for six to seven years.

“Aerobatics plays a huge role in our lives. Most of our time is spent in the training room,” they said.

Roettger and Heijens also emphasized that the competitors in the competition were strong and they all showed a high level of training.

The 28th World Acrobatic Gymnastics Championship was held on 10-13 March at the National Gymnastics Arena in Baku. 170 gymnasts from 17 countries of the world participated in the championship.

In the competition, gymnasts performed balance, tempo and combined movements in women’s, mixed and men’s duos, women’s and men’s groups.

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