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Fairfield Inn is an American hotel chain that offers low-cost rooms. Hotels are franchised by Marriott International. Hotels target travelers who need fewer amenities to live in, so much so that Marriott offers cheaper costs than would otherwise be required. This is accomplished through cost reductions such as uniform design and bedding and the inability to run a full-service restaurant. Fairfield Inn began its journey in 1987 when JQ and Alice Marriott considered inviting their family and loved ones to Marriott’s Fairfield Ranch. Later, as a result of their inspiration, the first Fairfield Inn location was opened by Marriott in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2017, Fairfield Inn expanded overseas in Asia and South America. Today, there are almost 1,000 Fairfield Inn hotels! This is a great expansion for a 30-year-old hotel chain.

Fairfield Inn Jobs and Career

Payment manager/general cashier, front desk agent, front desk leader, franchise manager, maintenance technician, operations director, sales associate, marketing agent.

How do I apply for a job at Fairfield Inn?

  1. go Marriott’s official career websiteFairfield Inn’s parent company. You can use Marriott Hotels’ website to apply for a job at Fairfield Inn.
  2. Click the “Find a Job” button.
  3. There will be a search toolbar to customize your job search. Write down some keywords and places you prefer to work. Make sure you select “Fairfield by Marriott” as your Corporate or Hotel Brand.
  4. A list of jobs will appear and if you find one of them interesting, click the “Apply” button on the right.
  5. To continue your application from the web page, you must accept the terms and conditions and the Confidentiality Agreement.
  6. Sign in to continue with your online application. If you do not have an account, you can finalize your online job application by clicking the “Create New Account” button.

Fairfield Inn Job Application Form PDF

Fairfield Inn does not have a printable job application form online. It is therefore recommended that you visit the company’s employment website and apply for a job online. Good luck!

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

Fairfield Inn Jobs

Number positions locations
one room service Albany, GA
2nd laundry attendant Chattanooga, TN
3 room service Oxford, AL
4 room service League City, Texas
5 room service Conway, AR
6 Maintenance Technician Tallahassee, FL
7 room service Tallahassee, FL
8 housekeeper League City, Texas
9 room service Lebanon, TN
10 room service Chattanooga, TN
11th room service Chattanooga, TN
12 Guest Services Representative Tallahassee, FL
13 Guest Services Representative Oxford, AL
14 room service Pasadena, Texas
15 Guest Services Representative League City, Texas
16 Chief Maintenance Technician Albany, GA
17 Guest Services Supervisor Duluth, GA
18 Guest Services Representative Lebanon, TN
19 Guest Services Representative Conway, AR
20 Guest Services Representative Duluth, GA

Works at Fairfield Inn

The ultimate goal of this hotel chain is to enable low-cost hotel rooms that everyone can enjoy. Facilities provide a stress-free, simple and straightforward accommodation experience. Choosing the personnel who will provide the best service is an important part of achieving success. The friendly and stress-free atmosphere of Fairfield Inn hotels can help you reach your personal goals in life in no time! As a family business, feel like your family has become a part of your life by applying for a job at your local Fairfield Inn hotel.

Job Positions and Salaries

Advice: You will do all guest check-ins to authenticate the guest, receive payment methods, prepare the room allocation and activate/grant the room key. You will create the right accounts for each guest based on their needs. You will need to ensure that the rates match the market codes, document exclusions. You will need to secure payment, verify/adjust the invoice before giving the room key. You will compile and review daily reports/records/emergency lists. You will complete cashier and closing reports. You will provide guests with directions and resort information. If necessary, you will contact the appropriate staff and fulfill guest requests. You will follow up to make sure the demands are met. You will process all payment types, coupons, payments and fees. Leave balance and receipts.

Prerequisite: None.

The company may not have active job postings. It may have recruited the necessary personnel.

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