Expert talks effects of Russia-Ukraine conflict on prices for constructions materials in Azerbaijan

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Real estate expert Ramil told Ottoman Trend that timber prices are rising in Azerbaijan as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues.

Thus, the price of one cubic meter of timber, considered one of the main building materials, increased by 30 manats ($17) to 480 manats ($282) compared to 450 manats ($264) before the events in Ukraine.

Local entrepreneurs reported that the volume of imports of timber fell due to the ongoing conflict, and the depreciation of the Russian ruble was the main reason for the increase in the prices of construction materials.

“Due to the depreciation of the ruble, entrepreneurs selling building materials in Russia reduce the supply. This also affects Azerbaijan. High demand for low imports causes prices to rise. In addition to wood, roofing materials, flooring, iron and products made from them. products, fasteners are also expected to rise,” he said.

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