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Founded in 1939, Cumberland Farms continues to exist as a family grocery chain in partnership with Gulf Oil. With nearly 600 stores in nearly a dozen states concentrated in the northeast, the company offers many entry-level and management opportunities.

The Facts About Working on Cumberland Farms

Minimum Age to Work on Cumberland Farms: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Cumberland Farms?)

Cumberland Farms Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday: 10:00-21:00; Saturday 10:00 – 20:00; Sun 12:00pm-6:00pm

Positions Available at Cumberland Farms: Customer Service Officer, Training Manager, Store Manager, Field Recruitment Officer, Service Technician, Application Manager, Vehicle Technician/Repairer, Multi Unit Manager

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

Cumberland Farms Jobs

Starting as a real farm, Cumberland Farms opened the chain’s first store in 1962. The grandson of the original owners is currently the CEO of the company. Family-oriented values ​​such as honesty, enthusiasm and a passion for friendly service remain important for the daily operation of the grocery chain. Like-minded individuals interested in a cross-section of the food service and retail industries serve as excellent candidates for in-store entry-level positions. The combination of convenience store and gas station promises employee personal development as well as company growth, and opportunities for management training often arise.

While anyone interested continues to apply, potential recruits with previous experience in food service or retail may gain preference during the hiring process. Cumberland Farms stores have a variety of coffee products, dairy products, frozen drinks, basic groceries, and snack foods. A food service background encourages familiarity with important food storage, sanitation and serving arrangements. Previous experience in the retail industry means advanced customer service skills, as both food service and retail deal with fast-paced environments similar to a convenience store and gas station combination. Candidates who can demonstrate the necessary knowledge and skills to work in the store and who want to pursue a career in the company will have more employment opportunities.

Cumberland Farms Positions and Salary Information

Interested candidates must be at least 18 years old to apply to Cumberland Farms. As a result, all positions at the company require applicants to have at least a high school diploma or equivalent to be considered. Some of the most accessible job postings include:

Customer Service Specialist

  • Customer service employees, often considered the face of the company, see customer needs.
  • Greeting customers, answering questions or concerns, and maintaining the cleanliness of the store stand are excellent ways to provide remarkable customer service and positively impact the store’s impression on every customer.
  • Additional responsibilities may include performing regular cleaning duties such as mopping or washing windows, turning and preparing food, replenishing stock as needed, and operating the cash register efficiently.
  • Potential applicants must have the ability to stand long hours at a time, maintain flexible schedules with ample weekend and evening hours, and maintain friendly and optimistic attitudes.
  • The position often remains available in both full and part-time capacities, with customer service associates earning an average of $9.00 per hour to get started.


  • An interim position, the executive role in education remains an integral part of Cumberland Farms’ insider promotion mentality.
  • A hands-on learning opportunity, the executive position in education fulfills day-to-day responsibilities and assists the incumbent manager.
  • Depending on the amount of previous management experience, a person can act as a manager in training for anywhere from three to 24 weeks.
  • The position charges an hourly wage of about $12.00.
  • During training, employees take on the responsibility of learning how to complete all necessary paperwork, conduct interviews and training sessions, evaluate when new stock should be ordered, and motivate store teams to meet profit targets.
  • Interested candidates should possess strong organizational skills, ambition, innovation and other leadership qualities.

Tips for Applying

The company’s website has a job forum where interested candidates can browse the positions available in stores and company offices. To submit applications, potential recruits must create profiles and upload their resumes. A feature of the job portal remains the ability to link to a LinkedIn or Facebook profile, which often speeds up the account creation process. Job candidates should review resumes for errors, inconsistencies, and missing information before uploading. Choosing a language that aligns with the demands of the position and highlighting any relevant past experience increases the chances of a callback.

Application status

Due to the volume of applications each store receives for a particular suitable position, not every hiring manager may contact every applicant. Qualified candidates will usually inquire about a job offer within one to two weeks of applying, while those who want a definitive answer can call, email or visit the store to speak with the hiring manager. Email remains a convenient and time-saving form of communication; however, potential recruits can wait a few days for a response. Visiting the store can be difficult, as managers handle many day-to-day responsibilities and may not see relevant candidates. The call can be based on the best course of action and respects the manager’s time while continuing to show genuine interest in the position.

Benefits of Working on Cumberland Farms

Even as a small, family-owned company, Cumberland Farms offers generous job aid packages to both full-time career professionals and part-time, entry-level employees. Employees are entitled to health insurance that covers both dental and vision. Paid vacations, employee discounts, 401(k) plans, and workers’ compensation also continue to be available. Full-time employees are also eligible for life insurance, sick days, and death leave. Additionally, gas station workers can enjoy free drinks during the shift.

More about Cumberland Farms

The company offers $1,000.00 scholarships to up to 130 high school seniors each year. Known as the Believe and Achieve Scholarship, the award rewards young people based on financial need and outstanding academic performance. To qualify for the scholarship, individuals must have a high school diploma or GED certificate, be under 25 years old, demonstrate plans to enroll full-time in a two-year or four-year college or vocational school, have a 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale, and live within 30 miles of a Cumberland Farms location. .

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