Country’s best young dancers perform in Baku [PHOTO]

By Laman Ismaylova

Some of the country’s best young dancers showed off their skills at the Baku Dance Championship.

The competition was jointly organized by Azerbaijan Youth Union (AYU) and Azerbaijan Dance Association (ADA) to find talented soloists, ensembles and exchange experiences among dancers.

The competition also focuses on the training process of dance teams.

Baku Dance Championship, Ayselin Dance Studio, Hayat, Buta, Gracia Dance Studio, Zirve, Smiles Dance Studio, Crazy Lady Dance Studio, Elay, Er, Qaval, Nargiz, Alleqro, Assa, Dajal Qizlar and Fidan Kishiyev (solo dance) brought together.

” At the Baku Dance Championship, we saw the performances of new teams that we both knew and decided to prove themselves. Each nomination had its own rivals. However, the rivalry of the two teams within the Yunior ensemble and the Dajal Qizlar dance team (folk style) was different from the others. The jury members were up to the last minute. He tried to reach a consensus and chose the winner. I congratulate the Dajal Qizlar team and their artistic director, Jamila Bayramova, for their victory. I extend my best wishes to them. We also wish more success to the Mirvari community led by Davud Mammadov. It was a tough fight that only the strongest can win.” Aziz Azizov, head of the organizing committee.

Competitions were held by age categories: junior age group (up to six years old), children (seven to 10 years old), junior (11-15 years old), adults (16-25 years old), professionals (25 years old and older) .

In Baku Dance Championship, disciplines such as ethnic folk, stylization of folklore, folk show, dances of world peoples, classical dance, dance show (various), hip-hop, breakdance, acrobatic (gymnastic) dance, belly dance, classical took place. Indian dance, modern Indian dance (Bollywood).

The dancers performed in different categories as solo, duet, small group (3-7 people), group (8-12 people), ensemble (13-20 people), large ensemble (21-50 people).

The jury evaluated the participants according to their dance technique, image and composition.

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