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Founded in 1932, Clark has grown from a single gas station in Wisconsin to more than 1,000 locations in 30 states. The chain of gas stations employs a number of partners in both entry-level and career-oriented roles. Interested job seekers can apply online or in person anywhere in the company.

Facts About Working at Clark

Minimum Age to Work at Clark: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Clark?)

Clark Working Hours: Open 24 hours 7 days a week

Positions Available at Clark: Gas Station Attendant, Maintenance Technician, Deputy Manager, Manager, Technical Assistant, Finance Business Analyst, Reservoir Quality Specialist, Quality Assurance Analyst, Project Manager, Pricing Specialist, Pipeline Repairman, Operations Specialist, Office Assistant, Health Environmental Safety Specialist, Administrative Specialist

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

Clark Job Opportunities

Operating in the American Midwest, Great Plains and Gulf Coast, Clark continues to expand into new markets on a consistent basis. The gas station and convenience store chain also constantly hires diverse employees to support a large and ever-changing workforce. Typical employment opportunities include cashier, gas station attendant, and maintenance technician positions. Most entry-level roles require little or no prior experience, and generally, applicants only need to meet the age prerequisites to qualify for recruitment consideration. Potential employees with customer service, strong communication skills, a willingness to work in collaborative environments and the ability to work flexible hours often receive hiring preference.

Clark also offers experienced professionals opportunities to work as auditors, assistant principals and managers. Supervisors supervise entry-level staff, direct daily sales, and assist with daily administrative tasks. A manager often needs to have more direct experience in retail or similar industries, and may even need advanced training to receive recruitment consideration. Additionally, managers may also need to work changing shifts and face the possibility of relocation from time to time.

Clark Positions and Salary Information

To qualify for most entry-level Clark jobs, applicants must have high school diplomas or equivalent and be at least 18 years old. Previous retail experience rarely serves as a required requirement but can be useful in the hiring process. The following jobs are the most accessible jobs:

gas station worker

  • Sometimes referred to as clerks, gas station attendants act as the face of the company as daily interactions with customers form the backbone of the business.
  • Participants collect various forms of payment from customers, make changes as needed, verify the ages of customers purchasing cigarettes or alcohol, and answer questions when necessary.
  • Other responsibilities often include stocking goods, taking inventory, processing government lottery tickets, maintaining gas station cleaning, and performing opening or closing duties.
  • Employees in companion positions often work part-time, flexible hours and earn starting wages around minimum wage.

To manage

  • Often hired to coordinate employee schedules, lead by example, and promote company policies, managers serve as supervisors to entry-level gas station workers.
  • Both assistant store managers and managers continue to be responsible for hiring, mentoring and planning employees, and must also create and maintain effective budgets, offset labor costs, and keep the service station running smoothly.
  • Qualifications typically required in supervisors include effective skills in time management, decision making, communication and leadership.
  • Managers may be required to work a variety of shifts, depending on the location’s operating hours and the company’s specific needs.
  • Annual salary options tend to range from $30,000 to $35,000.

Tips for Applying

As a growing company with changing recruitment needs, Clark encourages potential employees to apply in person at their preferred location. Applicants should pre-print recruitment materials that provide additional assistance, such as resumes or cover letters. Fill out the information on the application and take the time to ensure the accuracy and legibility of the data provided. When applying in person, job seekers should dress accordingly, as hiring managers may want to conduct an on-site interview.

Application status

Job seekers typically hear from gas station managers within a day to a week of applying for a job. Selected candidates often receive phone calls that lead to face-to-face interviews before receiving job offers. Reaching out to hiring managers directly can be beneficial for candidates who don’t hear back within the expected time frame. Visiting the location or contacting the manager by phone represent preferred options, but applicants should try to avoid following during peak business hours or other peak periods by disrespecting the hours of the gas station rental staff.

Benefits of Working at Clark

Clark offers access to a variety of job benefits for both full-time and part-time workers, but availability may depend on employment status and tenure. Eligible workers gain access to health benefits such as:

  • Medical
  • teeth and
  • vision care

In addition, gas station workers often receive paid training, flexible scheduling, uniforms provided, and excellent pay scales. Long-term employees may also benefit from enrolling in 401(k) retirement plans.

Additional information about Clark

In addition to standard cash and credit card processing, Clark accepts personal checks through a program called Clark Check. With the program, stations can accept check payments in the same way as credit card payments, reducing liability and the possibility of fraud on returned checks. The company also combines authorizations, settlements and collection services into a single product that is convenient and efficient for on-site use.

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