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As one of the largest integrated energy producers in the United States, Chevron offers numerous employment opportunities for students, entry-level workers and professionals alike. With a focus on corporate work at the gas station level, workers may find wide openings with the energy company.

The Facts About Working at Chevron

Minimum Age to Work in Chevron: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Chevron?)

Chevron Hours of Operation: Hours vary by location

Positions Available at Chevron: Gas Station Officer, Maintenance Technician, Assistant Manager, Manager, Technical Assistant, Finance Business Analyst, Reservoir Quality Specialist, Quality Assurance Analyst, Project Manager, Pricing Specialist, Petroleum Engineer, Operations Specialist, Office Assistant, Health Environmental Safety Specialist, Administrative Specialist

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Chevron Job Opportunities

With more than 8,000 retail locations nationwide, Chevron offers new partners a wealth of employment opportunities. Entry-level employees often find a place as customer service representatives, but the possibility of promotion to inside management roles remains a separate possibility. Customer service workers, primarily working at service stations and retail outlets, greet customers, receive payments and keep gas pumps running. Employees generally do not need to meet more than minimum recruitment requirements, such as holding a high school diploma or GED, to work in such capacities for the multinational.

Employees need to display polite, courteous and energetic personalities. Associates may also need additional experience when applying for managerial positions. Candidates with supervisory experience in a variety of fields, including hospitality, retail, and catering, may receive hiring preference over less-qualified job seekers. Managers typically hold responsibility for most administrative roles within the company, including ordering personnel and merchandise. A manager may need additional certifications and training in addition to initial recruitment requirements.

Chevron Positions and Salary Information

Candidates for positions with the energy and gas company must be 18 years old to apply successfully. Having an optimistic attitude, strong interpersonal skills, and problem-solving abilities can increase your chances of being hired for the following available positions:

Customer service representative

  • Customer service representatives initiate communication with guests entering a retail establishment.
  • Partners responsible for the preparation, cleaning, stocking and maintenance of food and beverages must also receive various forms of payment and use POS systems correctly on a daily basis.
  • Additionally, a customer service representative may be required to demonstrate flexibility in work hours, the ability to bend, twist and lift repeatedly, and work unsupervised in a fast-paced environment with a certain regularity.
  • Working both part-time and full-time shifts, as well as nights, weekends, and some holidays, a customer service representative typically earns between the minimum wage and $9.00 to get started.

To manage

  • The primary responsibilities of Chevron station managers include consistently achieving company goals, implementing corporate policies and procedures, and maintaining a positive company image.
  • Managers must also properly implement personnel, planning, provisioning and promotions comprehensively and with a certain regularity.
  • Additional duties may include handling customer complaints, checking inventory, analyzing sales, checking deliveries, and checking all vendors and audits accordingly.
  • At times, management employees must work longer shifts, fill in missing subordinates, and consistently obtain a variety of certifications above and beyond a regular employee.
  • Executives can earn salary options of up to $40,000 per year with incentive and bonus programs often available.

Tips for Applying

Candidates wishing to work for a gas station and retail company can apply online through the company’s job portal or by filling out a traditional application form in-store. Candidates must register in order to use the online job application by creating a profile that allows multiple applications with a single username and password. Job seekers should set aside 20 to 30 minutes for the initial profile and gather all necessary recruiting materials before hiring, making the process as easy as possible. Candidates who apply in person may gain hiring preference, as managers can conduct on-site interviews and hiring, but both application forms often win successful interviews for qualified candidates.

Application status

After completing the completion and delivery of recruitment materials, candidates tend to hear from human resources staff by phone or email within one to two weeks to set up interviews. The recruitment process may only take one or more interviews, depending on the position applied for and the timeframe for filling available jobs. Candidates who haven’t heard from the hiring staff may want to visit their preferred rental location to speak directly with their store manager. Often, job seekers who choose to physically visit stores show managers a sincere desire to work for the company.

Benefits of Working in Chevron

Chevron offers its employees competitive pay schedules, flexible working hours and paid training, as well as a variety of business benefits. Eligible employees often take advantage of incentive and bonus programs, advancement opportunities, and even product discounts on certain products. In addition, full-time employees are eligible for insurance benefits, including medical, dental, life and long-term disability. Other business benefits include:

  • tuition fee reimbursement
  • Enrolling in company-wide 401(k) retirement plans and
  • Stock options

The company also offers paid leave, paid vacation and paid sick leave.

More about Chevron

The large energy company builds lasting relationships within the communities served by the gas station chain. Contributing to the economic and social well-being of a region by creating jobs, supporting local businesses and funding local charities, the energy industry leader creates prosperity for all concerned. Some of the programs the company supports include Project Lead the Way, Fuel Your School, and the JASON project, which helps students acquire financially necessary resources and pursue careers in STEM fields. Chevron consistently invests millions each year in a variety of worthy causes, small businesses, and organizations nationwide.

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