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Bob Evans Restaurants Jobs and Career

Bob Evans Restaurants is an American restaurant chain. Bob Evans offers food and beverage, takeaway and delivery options to its customers with its country live themed restaurants. Jobs are available at Bob Evans Restaurants for part-time job seekers and full-time job seekers. Bob Evans Restaurants employees hold the following positions:

  • Homeowner
  • cashier
  • To actualize
  • Dish Tank Operator
  • Dishwasher
  • Bus Person
  • cleaner
  • accelerator
  • Restaurant Assistant Manager
  • restaurant manager

Bob Evans Restaurants Job Descriptions


Another position you may want to consider is the dishwasher. We know it may not sound appealing, but you can easily get this job without any skill or experience. In addition, you can be promoted to a new position after several years of work. You are basically responsible for doing the dishes and keeping your work area clean. You also need to assist your supervisor or chief from time to time.

Bob Evans Restaurants Job Application Form PDF

Bob Evans Restaurants does not provide a printable job application form online. Therefore, you must visit the official website of Bob Evans Restaurants and apply online.

Printable Job Application Form PDF: Not available.

How do I apply for a job at Bob Evans Restaurants?

Follow the steps below to apply online for Bob Evans Restaurants.

  1. visit Official career website of Bob Evans Restaurants.
  2. You can see entry-level jobs at Bob Evans on the map under Non-Management Careers. Similarly, you can see higher-level jobs under the Management and Restaurant Support Center Careers heading.
  3. If you keep scrolling down, you will see job postings at Bob Evans locations as a list.
  4. If you want to search for jobs in a specific location, first click a location on the map. Then, click on the job title of an appropriate job posting you found in the list.
  5. Read the statement of purpose, responsibilities and requirements for hiring.
  6. Click the “APPLY” button in the upper right corner of the page.
  7. Complete the Contact Information, General Questions and Review sections of the online job application form. Then, send it to Bob Evans and you’re done!

Bob Evans Restaurants Recruitment

There are nearly 500 Bob Evans restaurants in 18 states in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic.

Number positions locations
one QFSE Audit Specialist New Albany, OH
2nd Store manager Springfield, OH
3 Production Operations Manager Xenia, OH
4 Quality/Food Safety Manager, Co-Manufacturing New Albany, OH
5 Systems Management Engineer – Lima, Ohio Lima, OH
6 Quality Food Safety Excellence Manager Design and Specifications New Albany, OH
7 Logistics Planning Analyst Springfield, OH
8 Research and Development Regulatory Scientist New Albany, OH
9 Director, Transport Springfield, OH
10 Human resources manager Sulfur Springs, Texas
11th District Sanitation Manager Xenia, OH
12 Human resources manager Hillsdale, MI
13 Factory Accounting Manager Lima, OH
14 Maintenance chief Lima, OH
15 QFSE Program Controls New Albany, OH
16 QFSE Technical Data Systems New Albany, OH
17 Public accountant New Albany, OH
18 Regional Continuous Improvement Manager New Albany, OH
19 Director, Quality Assurance and Food Safety New Albany, OH
20 Senior Packaging Systems Engineer New Albany, OH

Works at Bob Evans Restaurants

Do you want to serve fresh food from the farm at every meal? Then we invite you to work at Bob Evans Restaurants. If you want to enjoy family dining and comfort, Bob Evans is definitely the right place! From breakfast to lunch, starters to main courses, Bob Evans makes dining in a welcoming atmosphere a pleasure. If you love the food at Bob Evans, you may want to consider working at this great restaurant chain. It will be your pleasure to earn money while doing a fun job at Bob Evans Restaurants.

Bob Evans Restaurants Interview

Either you apply for a job online or you go to a restaurant and apply in person. Then they will call you for an interview. Most of the managers are friendly. They will have a one-on-one interview where they will ask you a series of questions. Sometimes the conversation with the manager is short. You will be asked how long you have been working in restaurants and when you can start. There really isn’t a complicated hiring process, so when you get an interview you might think you’ll be hired.

Bob Evans Restaurants Employee Benefits

Bob Evans Restaurants employees are offered health insurance, life insurance, paid leave, flexible schedules, onsite gym, bonus pay, employee discounts, stock options, 401k retirement plan, free meals per shift and more. You should contact your local restaurant management if you want more specific information about this, as the benefits you will receive may vary by job position and type of employment.

The company may not have active job postings. It may have recruited the necessary personnel.

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