Azerbaijani president makes another successful step, while Armenia misses its last chance

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Another historical event for the region is the signing of a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of new communications between Azerbaijan and Iran on March 11, 2022. Flow reports.

The official foundation has been laid for the establishment of new communications that will connect the East Zangazur economic region and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic of Azerbaijan through Iranian territory.

According to the document, new railway and road communication and energy transmission lines will be laid between the Eastern Zangezur economic region and the Azerbaijan Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic over the Iranian territory.

The scope of the project is very wide. It is planned to build four bridges, two highway and two railway bridges, on the Araz River, and establish a communication and energy supply infrastructure. These bridges will be five kilometers from the border with Armenia.

A checkpoint with a capacity of at least 1,000 trucks will be built on the Iran-Azerbaijan border.

Thus, the transport-communication environment of the region as a whole is changing, connecting Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, and laying the foundation for a new multi-purpose corridor in Eurasia, including roads, railways, power lines and digital communications.

Meanehile, the vengeful activity of the Armenian political leadership has once again left the country out of this large-scale project. This is not the first time – for the past 30 years Armenia has been excluded from all large-scale projects in the region. This opportunity was Armenia’s last hope.

Foreign investments and participation in regional and international projects are of vital importance for Armenia, whose economy is declining, which is excluded from all international projects.

However, instead of forgetting the hostility and taking advantage of this historical opportunity, Armenia prevented the creation of the Zengazur corridor. The country has not fulfilled its obligations once again and has shown the world that it cannot be a reliable partner.

A chance that Azerbaijan gave Armenia was misunderstood – Armenia can use this offer to put pressure on Azerbaijan and drag this process along. It didn’t work. In the coming years, the Armenian community will feel all the consequences of the lost economic opportunity.

Against the background of global developments and crises, Armenia’s near future is far from bright. The Armenian community, the Armenian leadership should seriously consider once again – was it worth missing such a chance?

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