Azerbaijan is ready to host meeting between Ukraine and Russia

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Hikmat Hajiyev, Head of Foreign Policy Affairs Department of the Azerbaijan Presidential Administration, said on the sidelines of the Diplomatic Forum in Antalya that Azerbaijan is ready to host a meeting between Ukraine and Russia. Flow News referring to the “Anadolu” agency.

Regarding this proposal of the Ukrainian side, he noted that Azerbaijan is always ready to hold such a meeting.

“This proposal was made by the Ukrainian side. If there is such an intention, we are always ready to accept this meeting. Azerbaijan has previously hosted a meeting between the Russian generals and the USA, as well as a meeting within Russia-NATO. The logic here is that Azerbaijan is neither NATO nor NATO. nor is it a CSTO member. He is also the head of the Azerbaijan Non-Aligned Movement. There is a crisis in Ukraine. Azerbaijan continues to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine,” Hajiyev said.

He added that the presidents of Azerbaijan and Turkey are making efforts to end the conflict in this country.

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