Azerbaijan, Iran ink historic document

by Ayya Lmahamad

Azerbaijan and Iran signed a memorandum of understanding between the East Zangazur economic region and the Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic on the establishment of new communication links over Iranian territory.

The document was signed by the Azerbaijani Deputy Prime Minister Şahin Mustafayev and the Iranian Minister of Roads and Urbanization Rustam Ghasemi at the 15th Meeting of the Economic, Trade and Humanitarian Cooperation Commission held in Baku on March 11 by the Azerbaijan-Iran State Commission.

Commenting on the memorandum of understanding signed between Azerbaijan and Iran, Vice Presidency Hikmat Hajiyev underlined that this is a historical event.

He noted that the head of state always kept this important transportation and communication project in the center of attention and that instructions were given to the relevant structures for its implementation.

“As a result of the implementation of this project, Armenia’s long-term policy of Nakhchivan blockade will be ended. Between two regions of Azerbaijan – East Zangezur and Nakhchivan – automobile will be created through Iranian territory. , railway, electrical energy communication,” he said.

Stating that the project changed the transportation and communication picture in the region as a whole, Hajiyev noted that by connecting Azerbaijan, Iran and Turkey, it formed the basis of a new corridor in Eurasia, including roads, railways, power lines and digital communication.

He emphasized that as a result of the 44-day Karabakh war, the restoration of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity and the control of the Azerbaijani-Iranian border, which belongs to the country, was called the “friendship border” by the President. Azerbaijan made it possible to implement this transport and communication project.

“The signing of the memorandum coincides with the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Azerbaijan and Iran. The friendship, mutual trust and neighborly relations that have developed between Turkey and Iran for more than 30 years play an important role in the implementation of this project. The two countries,” he said.

He expressed confidence that the new corridor will create favorable opportunities for regional cooperation, development and prosperity of the peoples of the region, and expansion of trade and economic ties.

Azerbaijan-Iran State Commission

The 15th meeting of the Azerbaijan-Iran State Commission on economic, commercial and humanitarian cooperation was held on 11 March in Baku.

Deputy Prime Minister Şahin Mustafayev and other State and Government representatives from the Azerbaijan side, and the Minister of Roads and Urban Development Rustem Ghasemi and other officials from Iran are attending the meeting.

During the meeting, it was decided to hold the next meeting of the State Commission for Azerbaijan-Iran Cooperation in Tehran.

Rostam Ghasemi, “After the meetings, important results were achieved. Especially the increase in trade turnover was emphasized.” said.

Ghasemi expressed his hope that the relations between the two countries will reach even more advanced levels.

“Considering the geopolitical position of our countries, it is planned to increase the transit potential. This transit will reach its maximum in the North-South corridor.”

bilateral cooperation

At the same time, Ghasemi stated that a roadmap was drawn between the two countries in various fields.

He noted that one of the areas of work of the Iranian government is to strengthen relations with neighboring countries.

“The commissioning of transportation corridors that will connect our countries is on the agenda,” he said.

Ghasemi added that both countries have decided to expand activities related to border checkpoints.

In response, Şahin Mustafayev noted that two bridges will be built between Azerbaijan and Iran.

Noting that one of the bridges will be built by Azerbaijan and the other by Iran, Mustafayev added that these projects will be implemented within the scope of the memorandum of understanding signed between the two countries.

Talking about bilateral cooperation, Deputy Prime Minister stated that the level of Azerbaijan-Iran relations requires satisfaction, and that bilateral cooperation is developing dynamically.

Noting that the trade turnover between the two countries grew by 30 percent even during the COVID-19 pandemic, he added that approximately 2,050 Iranian companies operate successfully in Azerbaijan and have a favorable business environment in the country.

Iranian companies will also be involved in the restoration work of the liberated lands. These days, they will start to implement a series of projects,” he said.

Mustafayev also added that Iranian companies show great interest in industrial parks in the liberated territory of Azerbaijan.

Noting that the necessary conditions will be created for Iranian companies, Erdoğan stated that the first proposals in this direction have already been received.

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