Azerbaijan among main electricity exporters to Georgia

by Ayya Lmahamad

Georgian Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Levan Davitashvili said that Azerbaijan is among Georgia’s main electricity exporters.

He noted that Azerbaijan’s electricity exports to Georgia are approximately 601.1 million kWh, following Russia with 1.2 billion kWh.

He added that Georgia has great potential for renewable energy development, but the country is still dependent on electricity imports.

It was previously reported that Azerbaijan ranked first among the countries that exported the most oil and gas to Georgia in January 2022. During the reported month, Azerbaijan exported $51.4 million worth of petroleum gas and other gaseous hydrocarbons to Georgia. Same month in 2021.

Azerbaijan and Georgia cooperate in various economic fields. Azerbaijan and Georgia signed a series of cooperation agreements in 2021 as part of the intergovernmental joint commission meeting on economic cooperation.

Simultaneously, as part of the tripartite business forum held in Baku in December 2021, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey signed five memorandums and agreements on cooperation.

In 2021, the trade turnover of the two countries was $763.6 million, exports were $661 million and imports were $102.6 million.

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