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More than 1,000 ARCO gas stations operate in the western United States. Founded in 1966, the company offers low fuel prices that attract new and returning customers and allow new jobs to be created. Entry-level employment opportunities are available for dedicated workers.

Facts About Working at ARCO

Minimum Age to Work at ARCO: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at ARCO?)

ARCO Working Hours: Hours vary by location

Positions Available at ARCO: Cashier, Customer Service Representative, Maintenance Person, Team Manager, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Transport Driver

Printable Application: Number. Search Jobs or visit official site.

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ARCO Employment Opportunities

The ARCO chain, short for Atlantic Richfield Company, remains a leading employer in the refueling industry. Working in gas station attendant and management positions is widely available to job seekers and professionals. Most gas stations match ampm convenience stores. Employment prospects are also finding onsite work options related to food service. Candidates dedicated to exceptional customer service usually get along well with the company. The business serves approximately 24 million consumers per month.

The company creates customer service positions at retail filling stations. Shops are busy both during the day and at night, as the brand has a reputation for offering the best gas prices in many of its lines of business. Employment prospects can fill vacancies at the company to help maintain the high productivity levels expected of employees. Jobs are plentiful for residents of California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, and Washington, where ARCO locations primarily operate.

ARCO Jobs and Salary Information

Because the stations sell alcohol and tobacco products, applicants must be at least 18 years old to work for ARCO. Gas station occupations typically include retail, service, management, and even repair positions in some locations. The following jobs represent common job opportunities in the field:

Customer Service Specialist

  • Workers, traditionally a part-time position, often earn minimum wage.
  • Employees, also known as cashiers or gas station attendants, adhere to high standards of cleanliness and maintain stylish workspaces.
  • Excellent communication skills greatly benefit employees, as job duties constantly involve direct interaction with customers.
  • Standing, lifting, and lying down for long periods also prove daily effort.
  • While no specific experience or education requirement is required for the position, job seekers with a high school diploma and retail background may be considered more than other applicants.

assistant director

  • Under the direction of a store manager, assistant managers manage the station and oversee entry-level employees.
  • Job responsibilities include training new hires, taking inventory, reviewing the cash drawer, and opening and closing the store.
  • During peak hours of the day, managers also assist other employees with essential tasks to maintain productivity and a high standard of customer service.
  • Candidates with a high school diploma and previous management experience face better recruiting prospects.
  • Assistant principals, normally full-time occupations that require a lot of responsibility, earn wage rates as high as $17.00 an hour.

service technician

  • Service technicians working in garages inspect, repair and maintain motor vehicles.
  • Entry-level workers perform basic procedures such as oil changes, tire rotation, and checking fluid levels.
  • More experienced workers handle parts replacements and other difficult repairs.
  • Full-time technicians enjoy annual salary options that hover around $30,000.
  • While extensive on-site training is regular, candidates with previous repair experience and an interest in automobiles are strongly preferred.

Tips for Applying

Candidates should display a friendly and pleasant demeanor when applying and during interviews. The company is looking for employees who enjoy interacting with customers and providing high-quality service. Applicants also benefit greatly from maintaining open work schedules, as stores often operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. ARCO recruits motivated and dedicated individuals to meet staffing needs. Fill out the applications honestly and in as much detail as possible to best highlight the positive qualities.

Application status

Job seekers usually apply in person to ARCO stations. Paper applications are normally available behind the counter for interested parties to fill out. Applicants typically receive a call from recruiters within a week of submitting documents. If management does not call within a week, call or visit the store to track the status of the process. Interviews are usually conducted onsite and consist of questions designed to determine if a person is suitable for employment. Background checks and drug screenings are also sometimes mandatory.

Benefits of Working at ARCO

ARCO employees often enjoy attractive pay rates for the industry, including paid training and Christmas bonuses. Flexible shift options are also available, and workers normally choose schedules and the number of hours per week. Meal discounts may be available at locations paired with amp stores, and break deals often remain available as well. Management employees who work full-time may receive benefits such as 401(k) retirement plans and paid leave.

More Details About ARCO

Besides ampm convenience stores, ARCO gas stations are available for franchising in 15 states. U.S. citizens with appropriate credentials and sufficient liquid capital can become franchisees in lucrative business. Individuals gain corporate consultancy support and product awareness inherent in the name of a respected brand. The corporate headquarters is in La Palma, CA. The company operates as a subsidiary of Tesoro Corporation.

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